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So, you don’t have any music you need promoting and you don’t want to start a career in music. That’s ok. You can still have some fun and learn something here. I have picked up skills in a variety of areas. Some of these skills helped me make extra money, land interviews, get new jobs, and others were just hobbies I picked up, solely because I wanted to try something new.

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn CSS

Learn TI-Basic

Learn Unix Commands

Learn to Code Using Python

Make Money Reselling - Amazon FBA

Make Money Posting Ads

Build a Website Using WordPress

Make Money Managing Social Media Accounts

Learn HTML

Learn to Code Using C++

Learn to Code Using C#

Learn Game Design

Start an Ecommerce Website

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

Become a Freelance Writer

Write and Publish a Book - Amazon KDP