Promote your music on tumblr

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how wordpress buying tumblr helps you promote your music

It was announced today, that the owner of WordPress acquired Tumblr. Some users are happy, others are leaving the platform, and many are still asking what this means for the NSFW content ban.

Personally, I think this is an even more opportune moment to promote your music on Tumblr.

WordPress and the WordPress community has created so many plugins and enhancements to the platform over the years, it makes me wonder what the possibilities could be for Tumblr with this acquisition.

If they start releasing new features, I'd like to be one of the early users. I'd also like you to be as well, which is my whole purpose for this post.

As long as Tumblr is still running, I'm going to use it for sharing and creating content, especially in regards to building the community here and promoting my own music.

I think it's wise to use as many platforms as you can to grow your audience and bring awareness to who you are.

So, if you're not using Tumblr already, no better time than now.

Let's get started.


Create an account.

First thing's first. If you don't have a Tumblr account. Create one.

Go to and click the Sign Up button. On the next screen click the Get Started button.

Next, enter your email address, the password you want for the account, and the username you want.

Click sign up when you're done.

On the next screen, Tumblr asks for your age and your agreement to their Terms of Service.

You're almost there. The last step is to confirm you're not a robot with the CAPTCHA box.

Select Your Interests

Tumblr lets you pick categories of things you're into in order to help populate your feed.

I like this feature because when I signed up for Tumblr back in 2011, you had to just find interests and accounts by searching for them.

So, they've removed some of the nuances that made Tumblr what it was, but this isn't necessarily bad when trying to grow a platform and make it more user-friendly.

It says to select 5 categories, but you can choose more than that if you'd like.

Confirm Your Email Address

After selecting your feed categories, you'll be taken to your feed where some posts have generated and accounts that you might be interested in following.

At the top of the screen, you'll also be asked to confirm your email address. 

Finally, after you confirm your email address, you'll be given the option to download the app or continue to your dashboard.


How to Promote on Tumblr

Much like other social media platforms, using hashtags and interacting with other accounts will help you build your audience and brand.

In regards to hashtags, the maximum is 30, similar to Instagram. 

However, unlike Instagram, there are tools you can integrate into Tumblr to make your content generation and "look and feel" of Tumblr fit you and your style.

One of my favorite tools is XKit.

Not only is it Free, but if you like one-click reblogging aka reposting features, timestamps on posts, auto-fill in reblogged hashtags, scheduling posts and randomizing them, and more you'll like Xkit.

I use the Chrome extension, but if you use Safari or Firefox, those are also available to download from the developer's Tumblr

Another great feature about Tumblr is the reblog aka reposting feature. In this way, it's similar to Pinterest, because you're curating your feed with content from other users anytime you're not creating original content.

Like all social media, you just have to try it out to learn the platform so it works for you.

That's it.

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