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The One Plugin I used to Make My WordPress Site 20% Faster

The Winner is...

SG Optimizer

Now, I use SiteGround to host all of my websites. So, if you're not using SiteGround, you can't use SG Optimizer.

What you can use, that I used before SG Optimizer that also gives great site speed results is W3 Total Cache.

I've read that WP Super Cache is also good. 

So, if you use WordPress for your artist site and it's slow, I'd just choose one of the 2 that aren't SG Optimizer, if you're not using SiteGround, otherwise choose SG Optimizer.

You might be asking, but who cares? 

Let me tell you...

Your Fans

If you're building a community around your personal brand as a music artist, it's likely you'll have a website and your fans will want to visit it to see things like merch you're selling, tour dates, updates, new music, etc.


So, if they visit your site and it's slow, doesn't load, or just takes too long to load, you're basically ruining their user experience. 

Think about it like this:

Imagine you go into your favorite shoe store. You walk in, you're really excited to buy a new pair of shoes, you already know which pair you want, but you need to try them on before you buy them to see how they fit.

You notice there's a line of 10+ people at the checkout, and there's no one else on the sales floor to bring you a pair of shoes in your size.

You walk up to the only employee you see, who's trying to ring up shoes as fast as they can, and you ask them if they can get you a pair of shoes.

The employee tells you hurriedly they'll get to you as soon as they can.

You wait around for 30 minutes. You notice that the line keeps getting longer and longer.

You're asking yourself, "Can't they just tell the next customers they'll be right back, and they just need to grab a size 10 from the back?".

You start to get annoyed and you finally decide that you're leaving without new shoes.

You feel really disappointed, completely forgotten, and you're not really sure at this point if you ever want to come back to this store ever again.

Yeah, you've had only great experiences up until this point, but this experience really was the worst of the worst.

At this point, you're really contemplating if you can continue to support a company or any brand who treats their customers like this -- even unintentionally.


So, what am I trying to get at?

When you think about your website's speed, think about it in terms of a bad customer experience. It's typically not intentional, but intentional or not, you experience if it's a good or bad experience, just like your fans will have a good or bad experience due to the speed of your site. 

How to Check Your Site Speed

I used Google's PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix.

Here's what my initial tests look like before I changed the settings on SG Optimizer based on the results of the tests.

Test 1 Results


pagespeed insights test 1 results


gtmetrix test 1 screenshot

Test 2 Results


pagespeed insights test 2


gtmetrix test 2

Final Test - Test 3


pagespeed insights final test 3

final test 3 gtmetrix


As you can see, my GTMetrix results only improved by 2%, but my PageSpeed Insights improved by 20%.


Did you like this update? Tell me in the comments below. If you have a website, what's your page speed score?

Let me know in the comments.