Promote Your Music Using Trends

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How To Use Trends To Promote Your music

If you've ever struggled to promote your music online, I'm going to tell you a simple way to use trending topics, and more specifically, trending memes, to promote your music.

Let's get started.

Find a Popular Meme

So, the first thing I do, is find popular memes.

I personally like to find popular memes of the day or week, because those will be the most popular in the short term.

However, since most memes tend to have a little bit of longevity, any popular meme could work -- I just haven't tested older memes.

Some of my favorite places to find popular memes are:





Once you've found a popular meme you like, you're going to edit it to make the meme fit whatever it is you want to promote: your brand, your music, your show, etc. 

Here's an example of a meme I picked that was trending on Memedroid.


Edit the Meme

You can use any image editing software to edit the meme. I personally use Photoshop, Canva, or Snagit.

However, for this one, I used Snagit.

I also went and found the original meme and edited that one.

I'm a Taylor Swift fan, and I knew her album would be coming out tomorrow, on August 23, 2019. So, creating a meme around a popular meme + a popular music artist w/an upcoming album release is what I went for.

So, here's the meme I created to promote this post, and I ended up promoting it on Pinterest.

That's all there is to it.

You can then post it on any social media platforms you use and/or your own sites.

I'm currently writing a case study about how in 14 days, 5,000+ people saw a meme I created, and 2.3% of those people engaged with it by saving it or visiting this site, and that was by using the method I just showed you.

The complete case study with meme templates will be available in the community for members.

My hopes are the case study and templates will be an additional resource to help other artists get more fans and listeners.

As a bonus, the case study will also include another method I use for finding trends and trending topics.