Short-list of ways to sell music online

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how to sell music online

5 Options to Get You Started

There are a number of ways to sell your music online. Here's a short list of how to do that:

  1. Sell directly on your own website.
  2. Use a 3rd party site like Bandzoogle, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc.
  3. Use a distributor like CDBaby, TuneCore,, DistroKid, etc. They will distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc., so you’ll make money from streaming plays.
  4. Use the profile section of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, FB, etc., to add a link where your music is being sold.
  5. Make posts about your music on social media, that link back to where your music is being sold.

Today's Challenge To You

Pick one method you'll use, in order, to start selling your music online today.

Bonus Challenge

Leave a comment below telling me which method you picked. If you're already selling your music online, leave a comment telling me what method(s) you're already using.