Simple Method For Song Title Ideas

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How I Come Up With Song Title Ideas

Do you ever have a hard time coming up with song titles?

If so, I'm going to outline the simple method I use to come up with song title ideas, because I believe it could help you.

Let's get started.

Random Word Generator

If I'm completely out of ideas and can't think of anything, my first step is to use a random word generator.

One of my favorites is this one from Creativity Games.

I like it because you can choose how many words, a number between 1-8, you want it to generate for you.

Alternatively, you can also choose one of the presets to generate words.


Title Creation

Now, how I like to do this, is once I have a word or a few words generated, I like to start thinking about sentences that include that word.

This part is all about being as creative as you want to be: a ton or not at all.

For example, from the words generated in the first step, I might use the title Stars. So, when I write the full song, it'll have to fit the title. This would also be an example of not being super creative, because the random word generator gave me the title.

If I want to be more creative with my title, I might do something like the following:

*Start of my thought process*

I know there are protests happening in Hong Kong and China is one of the words generated.

"China Protests" could be a song title, but it doesn't sound catchy enough to me and sounds too similar to news. 

So, I ask myself, what's another word for protests?

I head to to look up synonyms for protest.

I see the word outcry and that seems more catchy and like something I could work with. Maybe "Outcries in China" could be a pretty good title.

Could I come up with something better, maybe more universal?

How about "International Outcries" or "Outcries Worldwide"?

I'm now curious about what rhymes with outcries and worldwide. So, I head to to give me rhyming words and phrases. 

There are tons of words, but the one sticking out to me for outcries is "despise".

This has me thinking more generalized and being able to write a song about change, and ideas and entire groups of people being despised because they want a better way of life.

So, a title like "Despised Outcries" is good.

However, let me check what rhymes with worldwide, before I make my final title decision.

So, looking up words that rhyme with worldwide returns lots of results too.

One, in particular, is sticking out to me: Jekyll and Hyde.

This takes me to the same theme I was working with in regards to there always being a side against change and one side for a change.

So, a good title I can think of is simply "Jekyll and Hide Outcries".

An alternative could be "Outcries of Jekyll and Hide", but that seems too long for me personally.

*End of my thought process*

So, this exercise about how I come up with song title ideas has allowed us to come up with 3 potential song titles and 2 songs.

Song 1 title:


Song 1 theme:

A song about Stars, the universe, or someone/something/an experience being like a star.

Song 2 potential titles:

"Despised Outcries"

"Jekyll and Hyde Outcries"

"Outcries of Jekyll and Hide"

Song 2 theme:

A song about the world and how we need to come together for good changes to happen, regardless of what or who tries to stand in our way


Final Decision

So, for song 2, the final song title I've chosen is "Despised Outcries".

There are 2 reasons why I picked "Despised Outcries".

1. As I mentioned during my thought process, the other titles are too long for my liking. I was really drawn to the Jekyll and Hyde titles, but they're a mouth full. If I were to write the song, I'd likely use Jekyll and Hyde in the lyrics, which I think would fit the theme nicely.

2. "Despised Outcries" is short and sweet, which ties into number 1.

Of course, just "Outcries" could have worked, but I like my titles to have something descriptive about them that makes someone ask "Why are these outcries despised"? If my titles can make someone think or ask themselves questions, I think they're pretty good.

An artist who I think does this well is Taylor Swift. For example, the song titled "You Need To Calm Down" made me ask, "About what? What do I need to calm down about?"

So, if you can cause someone to invoke thought, you can likely get them to at least listen to your song.

That's it. 

This is how I come up with song title ideas. 

How do you typically come up with song title ideas? Let me know in the comments.

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