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About ThisIsLink was created as a side project, when the artist behind the site, Daphne Link, realized she had a desire to do two things. One was create music, and the second was to help fellow unsigned artists promote their music. From frequent visits to Reddit, she noticed a trend with many musicians — they needed help promoting their music. She noticed many artists will “figure it out”, but not provide much detail as to HOW they did it. How could they when their main focus is their own music? This is where and why was born. She wanted to not only successfully promote her own music, but also provide first-hand information and step by step guides to other artists about how she promotes her music. With that said, welcome to the site!

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Meet Who’s Behind ThisIsLink

Daphne Link

Daphne Link was started by Daphne Link, because she realized she wanted to not only build a career in music as an artist, but she also wanted to help other unsigned artists promote their music. So, if you’re a new artist who hasn’t made their first song yet, an unsigned artist who wants to get their music out there to more people, or you’re someone who enjoys Daphne’s music, you’re in the right place.